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Research blogs

Publications – hyperlocal democracy

Two papers from the IL-DEM project have been accepted for publication (one of which was published in March 2018), and have been presented at 2017 conferences. A further paper is in preparation.

  • Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2018). Exploring information literacy through the lens of Activity Theory. In S. Kurbanoğlu, J. Boustany, S. Špiranec, E. Grassian, D. Mizrachi, & L. Roy (Eds.), Information Literacy in the Workplace. ECIL 2017. Communications in Computer and Information Science (Vol. 810, pp. 803–812). St Malo: Springer, Cham.
    • (The presentation slides for this paper are in the Presentations section below.)

Publications – other





Community Council visual locator tool finders (2013), archived on Napier servers

The current version, created by the Improvement Service, is here.

Training materials from Stirling Council

January 2015 Digital Engagement for CCs workshop, at Edinburgh Napier University

Autumn 2015 Digital engagement for CCs workshops


(South Ayrshire,
9 Oct)
30 Oct
13 Nov)
Newton St Boswells
(Scottish Borders,
20 Nov)
Welcomes, introductions and presentations
Welcome —– —– —–
Introduction and background to the workshops
Scottish Government presentation on community empowerment
Improvement Service presentation on digital resources for community councils
The Democratic Society presentation on digital tools for community councils —–
Chewin’ the Fat, a Facebook page for Community Councillors —– —– —–
Presentation on CC digital success stories —– —– —–
Table sessions/workshops
Session 1:             What are the major barriers to CC/RTO digital engagement?
Session 2: How can CCs/RTOs best use the internet?
Session 3: Topics chosen by delegates
Final discussion/closing the events
Final discussion and close —– —–

Links from presentations


Napier CC research & resources

Model CC internet presence

Community Empowerment

Chewin’ the Fat (Join the Craik)

Participatory Budgeting                 (demo site:                                          (demo site:                                           (demo site:                                         (demo site:

Mentioned in discussions

Some potential funding sources

Funding Scotland

Tel: 0800 169 0022

Foundation Scotland

Express grants – up to £2000
22 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP.  Tel: 0131 524 0300
Empire House, 131 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2RX.  Tel: 0141 341 4960

Awards for All

Up to £10,000
1 Atlantic Quay, 1 Robertson Street, Glasgow, G2 8JB.  0300 123 7110

Postcode Trust

Small grants – up to £20,000

Weir Charitable Trust

27 Maritime Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6SE.  Tel: 0131 554 7806

Robertson Trust (registered charities only)

Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TB. Tel: 0141 353 7300

Third Sector Interface (Moray only)


[1] We had planned 5 tables for the small-group discussions, but then combined groups 3 and 4.


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