A brief CV

Bruce Martin Ryan BSc, MSc, PhD

Contact details

email b.ryan@napier.ac.uk
Twitter @myceliumme_CC
Edinburgh Napier University http://www.iidi.napier.ac.uk/c/people/peopleid/13376910

Career history

2014 to present Associate researcher, Centre for Social Informatics, Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation, Edinburgh Napier University
2008-2011 Senior Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2008 Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2007 Freelance copy-editor, proofreader and web-developer
2007 Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2006-2007 Travel in India and Indonesia, and temporary work contracts
1994-2005 Production Manager, Leckie & Leckie


2014 MSc in Information Systems Development, Edinburgh Napier University
– Distinction and winner of the class medal
1996 PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of St Andrews
1989 BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, University of St Andrews


Hyperlocal democracy
7 papers from PhD

Recent relevant project work

2016-2017 Information literacy for digital engagement projects. Main roles: designing and implementing research methods, project administration, reporting results
2015-2016 digiCC workshops: promoting sharing of, and networking around, digital skills for community councillors. Main role: creating and running workshops, project administration, reporting results
2014-2015 Workforce Mapping Project: investigating the workforce in the Libraries, Archives, Records, Information and Knowledge Management sector. Main role: methods investigation, report production
2014 Hyperlocal engagement: investigating communities of practice and knowledge management around digital engagement in Scottish hyperlocal government. Main role: data gathering and analysis
2014 Emergent ICT strategies for local democracy: capturing innovation: Surveying Community Council online presences, concentrating on evidence of community engagement. Main role: data gathering and analysis
2014 Community Council Location Finder: an online, searchable map displaying community council locations and other information. Main role: developer, client liaison
2012 Community Council online presences: a survey: Initial survey of Community Council online presences, concentrating on archetypes of online presence. Main role: data gathering and analysis

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