A brief CV

Bruce Martin Ryan BSc, MSc, PhD

Contact details

email b.ryan@napier.ac.uk
Twitter @bruce_research
Edinburgh Napier University http://www.iidi.napier.ac.uk/c/people/peopleid/13376910

Career history

2014 to present Associate researcher, Centre for Social Informatics, Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation, Edinburgh Napier University
2008-2011 Senior Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2008 Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2007 Freelance copy-editor, proofreader and web-developer
2007 Project Editor, Leckie & Leckie
2006-2007 Travel in India and Indonesia, and temporary work contracts
1994-2005 Production Manager, Leckie & Leckie


2014 MSc in Information Systems Development, Edinburgh Napier University
– Distinction and winner of the class medal
1996 PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of St Andrews
1989 BSc (Hons) in Chemistry, University of St Andrews


publications on hyperlocal democracy (includes MSc dissertation)
7 papers from PhD

Recent relevant project work

2016-2017 Information literacy for digital engagement projects. Main roles: designing and implementing research methods, project administration, reporting results
2015-2016 digiCC workshops: promoting sharing of, and networking around, digital skills for community councillors. Main role: creating and running workshops, project administration, reporting results
2014-2015 Workforce Mapping Project: investigating the workforce in the Libraries, Archives, Records, Information and Knowledge Management sector. Main role: methods investigation, report production
2014 Hyperlocal engagement: investigating communities of practice and knowledge management around digital engagement in Scottish hyperlocal government. Main role: data gathering and analysis
2014 Emergent ICT strategies for local democracy: capturing innovation: Surveying Community Council online presences, concentrating on evidence of community engagement. Main role: data gathering and analysis
2014 Community Council Location Finder: an online, searchable map displaying community council locations and other information. Main role: developer, client liaison
2012 Community Council online presences: a survey: Initial survey of Community Council online presences, concentrating on archetypes of online presence. Main role: data gathering and analysis

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