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Academic publications and outputs

Hall, H., Ryan, B.M., Salzano, R. and Stephen, K. (2022), From a network model to a model network: strategies for network development to narrow the LIS research–practice gap, Journal of Documentation, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Eriksson-Backa, K., Widén, G., & Ryan, B. (2022). Practices related to diabetes information in a group of Finnish adults living with Type 1 diabetes. Informaatiotutkimus, 41(2–3), 29–33.

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B., & Milosheva, M. (2022). Information literacy impact framework: Final project report

Ryan, B., Hall, H., Wilson, M., & Berger, J. (2022, September). The creative use of digitised archives: case study of Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the War’ podcast series. Presented at The BBC at 100 Symposium, National Science and Media Museum, Bradford

Ryan, B., Hall. H., & McGregor, I. (2022, August). Digital options: an assessment of audience engagement with a digitised archive set transformed from online text and images to audio format. Paper presented at Archives and Records Association Annual Conference 2022, Chester, UK

Widén, G., Ahmad, F., Nikou, S., Ryan, B., & Cruickshank, P. (2021). Workplace information literacy: Measures and methodological challenges. Journal of Information Literacy, 15(2),

Ryan, B. (2021, June). The RIVAL project: how to build a new network from scratch; how to adapt to enforced online delivery. Paper presented at CILIPS, Online

Brazier, D., Salzano, R., & Ryan, B. (2021, September). Information Literacy Workshops: Trials and tribulations of Public Engagement within a Pandemic. In The Seventh European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL) (p. 138).

Cruickshank, P., Hall, H. and Ryan, B. (2020). Information literacy as a joint competence shaped by everyday life and workplace roles amongst Scottish community councillors. In Proceedings of ISIC, the Information Behaviour Conference, Pretoria, South Africa, 28 September – 1 October, 2020. Information Research, 25(4), paper isic2008. Retrieved from

Hall, H., & Ryan, B. (2020). Research Impact Value and Library and Information Science (RIVAL): development, implementation and outcomes of a Scottish network for LIS researchers and practitioners. In Proceedings of the 83rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. doi: 10.1002/pra2.210

Ryan, B. M., & Webster, G. (2020, June). Information avoidance and diabetes – a preliminary empirical study. Poster presented at Information Science Trends: Health Information Behavior, online

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2019). Closing the researcher-practitioner gap: An exploration of the impact of an AHRC networking grant, Journal of Documentation, 75(5), 1056-1081. doi: 10.1108/JD-12-2018-0212.

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2019). Practices of community representatives in exploiting information channels for citizen democratic engagement. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 51(4), 950–961. doi: 10.1177/0961000618769966.
(Slides for the conference presentation are below.)

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2018). Long-term community development within a researcher network: a social network analysis of the DREaM project cadreJournal of Documentation, 74(4), 844-861. doi: 10.1108/JD-05-2017-0069.

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2018). Exploring information literacy through the lens of Activity Theory. In S. Kurbanoğlu, J. Boustany, S. Špiranec, E. Grassian, D. Mizrachi, & L. Roy (Eds.), Communications in Computer and Information Science; Information Literacy in the Workplace (Vol. 810, pp. 803–812). St Malo: Springer, Cham. doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-74334-9_81.

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (autumn 2017). Information Literacy for Democratic Engagement. Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh.
(This is the LIL-DEM project stakeholder report.)

Hall, H., Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (spring 2017). Information Literacy for Democratic Engagement. Edinburgh Napier University.
(This is the IL-DEM project stakeholder report.)

Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2016). Digital engagement workshop for community councils: Glasgow 2016 report. Edinburgh Napier University.

Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2016). Digital engagement workshops for Community Councils and Registered Tenant Organisations (Public General Report). Edinburgh Napier University.
(Workshop outputs are below.)

Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2016). The Communities of Practice model for understanding digital engagement by hyperlocal elected representatives. In: Efthimios Tambouris, Hans Jochen Scholl, Marijn Janssen, Maria A. Wimmer, Konstantinos Tarabanis, Mila Gascó, Bram Klievink, Ida Lindgren, Michela Milano, Panos Panagiotopoulos, Theresa A. Pardo, Peter Parycek, Øystein Sæbø (Eds.) Electronic Government and Electronic Participation, 22. (pp. 11-18). IOS Press. doi: 10.3233/978-1-61499-570-8-11.

Hall, H., Raeside, R., Chen, T., Dutton, M., Irving, C., & Ryan, B. M. (2015). Mapping the library, archives, records, information and knowledge management and related professions in the United Kingdom: final report. United Kingdom: Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and Archives and Records Association (ARA).
(This is the full report of the Mapping the Library, Archives, Records, Information Management and Knowledge Management and related professions project.)

Ryan, B. M. & Cruickshank, P. (2015). digiCC workshop outcomes report. Edinburgh Napier University.

Ryan, B. M. (2015). You can’t say politics on the internet?. In D. Harte (Ed), A Manifesto for Digital Messiness. Working Papers of the Communities & Culture Network+, 6. ISSN 2052-7268.
(Also available on Bruce Ryan’s research blog.)

Ryan, B. M. (2015). Digital proxies – your online representatives?. In D. Harte (Ed), A Manifesto for Digital Messiness. Working Papers of the Communities & Culture Network+, 6. ISSN 2052-7268.
(Also available online on Bruce Ryan’s research blog.)

Cruickshank, P., & Ryan, B. M. (2014). Hyperlocal Government Engagement online: final report to CCN+. Edinburgh Napier University.

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B. M., & Smith, C. (2014). Disconnected Democracy? A Survey of Scottish Community Councils’ Online Presences. Scottish Affairs, 23(4), 486-507. doi: 10.3366/scot.2014.0045. ISSN 0966-0356.

Ryan, B. M. & Cruickshank, P. (2014). Community councils online 2014. Edinburgh Napier University.

Cruickshank, P., Ryan, B. M., & Smith, C. (2014). ‘Hyperlocal e-democracy’? The experience of Scotland’s Community Councils. In: Parycek, P., Edelmann, N. (Eds.) CeDEM14 Proceedings, (pp. 73-84). Krems, Austria: Edition Donau-Universität Krems.

Ryan, B. M. & Cruickshank, P (2014). Community Council location finder (interactive web-map)
(Archived versions of web-map outputs)

Ryan, B. M. (2013) Disconnected democracy? A study of Scottish Community Councils’ online communications (MSc dissertation)

Ryan, B. M. & Cruickshank, P. (2012). Community councils online 2012. Edinburgh Napier University.

Academic-related outputs

Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’ podcast episodes and ‘selected poems’

These outputs were created for the Platform to Platform project. They comprise podcasts episodes of Lorna Loyd’s Diary of the war and her poetry, and a printed book of her poems:

Diary episode 1 Diary episode 5 Poetry episode 1
Diary episode 2 Diary episode 6 Poetry episode 2
Diary episode 3 Diary episode 7 Poetry episode 3
Diary episode 4 Diary episode 8 Poetry episode 4

Selected poems: 37 poems by Lorna Lloyd, in order of composition (1914 to 1942)

Presentations and book reviews

Community Council visual locator tool finders (2013), archived on Napier servers

The current version, created by the Improvement Service, is here.

January 2015 Digital Engagement for CCs workshop, at Edinburgh Napier University

Autumn 2015 Digital engagement for CCs workshops


(South Ayrshire,
9 Oct)
30 Oct
13 Nov)
Newton St Boswells
(Scottish Borders,
20 Nov)
Welcomes, introductions and presentations
Welcome —– —– —–
Introduction and background to the workshops
Scottish Government presentation on community empowerment
Improvement Service presentation on digital resources for community councils
The Democratic Society presentation on digital tools for community councils —–
Chewin’ the Fat, a Facebook page for Community Councillors —– —– —–
Presentation on CC digital success stories —– —– —–
Table sessions/workshops
Session 1:             What are the major barriers to CC/RTO digital engagement?
Session 2: How can CCs/RTOs best use the internet?
Session 3: Topics chosen by delegates
Final discussion/closing the events
Final discussion and close —– —–

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