‘Mainstreaming Participatory Budgeting’ event

On Monday 10 December, I took part in the Mainstreaming Participatory Budgeting (PB) event. The aim of the event was to discuss what mainstreaming PB should look like in Scotland, and to find what different models, options and pathways are viable. The event was facilitated by Anthony Zacharzewski of the Democratic Society, and co-chaired by Dr Oliver Escobar (Edinburgh University and What Works Scotland) and Claire McPherson (Scottish Government).

Most of this set of pages is text and photos from #PBmainstream tweets to demonstrate Si Cameron‘s point: PBmainstream: people at the heart of how we do with and not at! In a few cases, I have replaced my photos with individual slides from the event, and clarified some of my tweets. The full slide deck is on PBScotland.scot (Of course these slides, and other peoples’ tweets and photos, are all © their creators.) But first here are a couple of personal incidental highlights:

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  1. Tweets of anticipation and excitement
  2. Welcome and overview of the day: Oliver Escobar
  3. The Scottish context – local governance review and public service reform: Professor James Mitchell
  4. Evidence to date: Dr Angela O’Hagan
  5. Q&A with James Mitchell and Angela O’Hagan
  6. Examples of PB mainstreaming
  7. Group discussions: Mainstreaming PB is a transformation, not a process. What do we need to do to ensure it is a success? Anthony Zacharzewski (Democratic Society)
    • What is needed for councils [and other public bodies] to transform internally?
    • What is needed for communities to be ready to participate?
    • What us needed to create strong and trusted processes and spaces?
  8. Plenary session: Way forward: what will we commit to get from here to our ambition?
    (Tweets from this item are in the previous section.)
  9. Closing remarks: Claire McPherson (Scottish Government)