Storage becomes /dev/null

A terabyte HD in my main Mac (‘IGGY’) has died, so now the Mac has only four storage devices. Fortunately it’s no threat to my data – this HD was used until a few months ago for TimeMachine backups of this mac but now all the Macs here do TimeMachine backups to a very new 2TB TimeCapsule.* The TM sparsebundles were copied to the new TimeCapsule so we’ve not lost any backup history. 

Nevertheless I’m annoyed, albeit unreasonably, at this piece of kit (a Seagate Barracuda LP) dying. I don’t like tech dying anyway, and this HD was only 3 years old.** But that’s old enough to be out of warranty, and I almost certainly voided the warranty by taking the HD out of a NAS I’d bought to back up my family’s ‘pooters. (That plan failed for human reasons.) On top of that, there’s a mixture of relief that TM backups were transferred to the new TC and anger about what might have been lost if our 1st generation 500GB TC hadn’t died after a valiant six years, thus causing us to buy the new TC. Possibly the most annoying factor is that I’ll need to find time to put a drill through it.

*They also do CrashPlan off-site backups, while IGGY does nightly CarbonCopyCloner backups to another internal HD and my MacBook Air (‘MIA’) does CCC backups to an external HD.

**built in January 2011, according to Western Networks




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