What has Bruce been up to in the last six months?


I3 conference

ECIL conference

Both of these papers have been accepted for publication in conference proceedings special issues of journals.

Other papers

  • A paper giving an account of the ‘political’ side of information literacy is in progress.
  • Post-peer-review changes to a paper on SNA analysis of DREaMers are in progress.

Previous project

  • We got some interesting feedback from community councillors to the LIL-DEM project report.
  • The most memorable of these was ‘don’t call us pale and stale’.

Current project

  • Huge thanks to Lyndsey for showing me which buttons to press to perform various statistical analyses on data around community councillors and information literacy.
  • We don’t have statistical proof of our model, so I’m working on thematic analysis of the answers to textual survey questions of the form ‘how else do you do this? Tell us your tales’
    • The model is ‘Life-roles and experiences affect information literacies. These in turn affect how effective community councillors are.’
  • In the meantime, given that LIL-DEM survey data says that community councillors work jointly on information-tasks, there are two challenges to the individualistic model of information literacy:



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