Kicking off the CCN+ project

So the RFC project – surveying community council online presences is all over apart from the shouting publicising it and writing a paper or two for a peer-reviewed journal. Celebrations thereof to be arranged.

Even better, it’s time to kick off the next project – this will look at how (e)-engagement can be developed and sustained within a single community council, and whether neighbouring CCs can beneficially engage with each other. Thanks to Peter Cruickshank, Ella Taylor-Smith and Hazel Hall for ideas and support at the kick-off meeting.

So I have a lot of reading and head-scratching to do, mostly so I begin to understand Knowledge Management and Communities of Practice. That’s my task for the next week. Then my beloved and I are cycling around the Bodensee for a couple of weeks, and then I get to start gathering lots of juicy ethnographic and social networking data.

Watch this space.


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