Too much too old?

Lots and lots to do. I’m blogging about it just now to help me prioritise.

  1. Write the methodology, results and conclusions parts of a paper on the CCN+ work. Peter will write a literature review. We’re jamming together lots of parts, so Peter’s called it the Frankenarticle. Deadline for submission 15 March!WP_20150224_005
  2. Finish tweaking the survey for the contract project. I’ve just put together a back page with links to SocMed channels.
  3. I’m spending all of tomorrow en route to, at a meeting in and coming back from Galashiels. Travelling by bus both ways – aarrgghh!
  4. KM module revision and homework
  5. lots of stuff for the CCs I serve, including investigating a move to a fully hosted version of WordPress. Oh, and videoing the potholes I cycle over to get to them.
  6. Follow-up for the CC digital workshop I ran in January. I hadn’t anticipated how much there would be. There’s a moral there…

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