digiCC FAQs

Why is this being done?

This survey is to gather data from delegates at the digital engagement for CCs workshop held at Edinburgh Napier University on Friday 30th January, and those who wished to attend this event. We wish to

  • learn how to do these events better
  • support knowledge-sharing by CCs, by linking them up
  • identify who the local experts are so we can engage with them.

Who is running this survey?

Bruce Ryan, an associate researcher in Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Social Informatics. He is both an academic researcher into hyperlocal government and a practitioner of CC digital engagement, running three Edinburgh CC websites. His work is supervised by Peter Cruickshank, an experienced Social Informatics researcher.

Who will see my data?

Raw data will only be seen by relevant researchers in the Centre for Social Informatics.

What will be done with my data?

The data you supply will be aggregated with others to be analysed. From this, short reports to the CC community and relevant stakeholders will be produced, and published via the Scottish Community Councillors Online KnowledgeHub group.

How will my data be kept safe?

All data will be kept on Edinburgh Napier University’s hardened servers. Your data will not be moved out of the UK.

Can I be identified in this study?

No. We will not use names and anonymity is assured in the reports mentioned above. Some questions ask for names and URLs of people you learn from and teach about digital engagement but this information will be kept confidential.

How long will this survey take to complete?

From piloting we believe that it should take around 10 minutes.

What about informed consent?

You will need to explicitly answer that you have read this information to proceed.


1 thought on “digiCC FAQs

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. The survey platform doesn’t allow for insisting on one answer but not on the other. You could enter ‘no other presence’ or similar in the second answer slot. I’ve added this to the question blurb.

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