Digital engagement workshops report

We’ve published our report on the autumn digiCC workshops – you can find it on the national website for CCs at and in the library belonging to the KnowledgeHub group for CC members at (You’ll need to join the KnowledgeHub and then the CC members group to access that library.) Continue reading


Digital engagement for community councils – workshops around Scotland

Following on from the workshop we ran in January at Napier (blog post, outcomes report), I’m running four more this autumn.

All community councillors are welcome – the events are free and your ideas and experience are are the magic ingredients that will make the events work! For example, you might know how to gather great a Facebook audience, or have crowd-sourced opinions on planning matters. Others will love to hear how it’s done!

The events are free to attend, and lunch will be provided, but we can’t reimburse travel expenses. Continue reading

On your feet, soldier!

On Wednesday I gave a presentation which was coherent and informative, and yet made up partly while I was listening to someone else’s but mostly in response to questions from the audience as I was speaking. Whenever I’ve given presentations before, I’ve mumbled incoherently as I drowned in my own nervousness. So throwing me in the deep end is perhaps the way to get good presentations out of me. (Peter, don’t you dare!) Continue reading

digiCC FAQs

Why is this being done?

This survey is to gather data from delegates at the digital engagement for CCs workshop held at Edinburgh Napier University on Friday 30th January, and those who wished to attend this event. We wish to

  • learn how to do these events better
  • support knowledge-sharing by CCs, by linking them up
  • identify who the local experts are so we can engage with them.

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Digital engagement workshop for Community Councillors (30 January 2015)

This event, funded by Edinburgh Napier University’s Institute for Informatics and Digital innovation and supported by Scottish Government, the Improvement Service and the Democratic Society, turned out to be a great success. We were quite optimistic – there was a waiting list. However, I was full of trepidation – as it turns out un-necessarily!

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