Connecting people, connecting ideas symposium

My colleague Frances Ryan, along with Professor Hazel Hall, will be running a one-day research symposium on 22 June 2017. ‘Connecting people, connecting ideas‘ (CPCI) will focus on research priorities in Information Science as related to everyday life information seeking and information behaviours in online environments.

More information is on Frances’ research blog. If information science is in any way your thing, I’m sure this will be an interesting and provocative event.


On your feet, soldier!

On Wednesday I gave a presentation which was coherent and informative, and yet made up partly while I was listening to someone else’s but mostly in response to questions from the audience as I was speaking. Whenever I’ve given presentations before, I’ve mumbled incoherently as I drowned in my own nervousness. So throwing me in the deep end is perhaps the way to get good presentations out of me. (Peter, don’t you dare!) Continue reading


My experience of CCs is mostly in Edinburgh and Fife – these LAs regularly supply their CCs with lists of planning applications, in line with CCs being statutory consultees for spatial planning. So I assumed that all LAs did so, and so assumed that lack of planning material on CC websites was due to the CCs themselves – either they chose not to or found themselves incapable of doing so.

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Not hugely productive today. Some chat with a colleague about CCs in her LA being, er, less effective than she’d like.

Attempts to go back to unhacked versions of leaflet, etc, so i could properly document where I changed locations of the image files they call.

Some work on a funding application – I’m useless at those!

Knocked together all the things supervisor and I could talk about at tomorrow’s management meeting.

Er, that’s it