On your feet, soldier!

On Wednesday I gave a presentation which was coherent and informative, and yet made up partly while I was listening to someone else’s but mostly in response to questions from the audience as I was speaking. Whenever I’ve given presentations before, I’ve mumbled incoherently as I drowned in my own nervousness. So throwing me in the deep end is perhaps the way to get good presentations out of me. (Peter, don’t you dare!) Continue reading


Put yourself on the map: complete the Workforce Mapping Project survey

(With thanks to Hazel Hall for almost all of the words below.)


The Workforce Mapping Project survey is live at http://bit.ly/workforcemap

This is a call to workers in the library, archives, records, information, and knowledge management sector to contribute to a research project by completing a short survey. If you work in this sector, please read on to learn more about the project and how you can contribute to it. Continue reading


New news

I’m taking part in a digital democracy panel discussion, hosted by the Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy.

Old news 1

Community council location-finder: the subject of most posts on this blog so far

Old news 2

Emergent ICT strategies for local democracy: capturing innovation: updating the survey of CC websites we did in 2012. What has changed? What are the patterns? What are the reasons underlying the patterns?