My current work-themes – and my wishlist

Partly so I can get it clear in my own head, here are the themes I’m currently working on, and the other work I’d also like to do if I ever get the chance!

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On your feet, soldier!

On Wednesday I gave a presentation which was coherent and informative, and yet made up partly while I was listening to someone else’s but mostly in response to questions from the audience as I was speaking. Whenever I’ve given presentations before, I’ve mumbled incoherently as I drowned in my own nervousness. So throwing me in the deep end is perhaps the way to get good presentations out of me. (Peter, don’t you dare!) Continue reading


My actual and potential research areas

I have the following actual and potential work-streams.

Title What is it? Funder Status, dates and notes
Longitudinal Information literacy for democratic engagement (LIL-DEM) Further research into factors affecting community councillors’ information literacies Edinburgh Napier University to start, February to April 2017
Information literacy for democratic engagement (IL-DEM) Research into factors affecting community councillors’ information literacies CILIP‘s Information Literacy Group finished, October 2016 to January 2017
DigiCC workshops How can community councils improve their digital engagement with citizens Edinburgh Napier University, Scottish Government finished, January 2015 to January 2016
Delivering on DREaM researcher/practitioner knowledge-sharing in Library and Information Science, supervised by Professor Hazel Hall CILIP finished, June to July 2015
Workforce Mapping mapping the workforce in the Libraries, Archives, Records, Knowledge and Information Management sector CILIP, ARA finished, summer 2014 to summer 2015
Hyperlocal government engagement online Social network analysis and Communities of practice research around 3 Edinburgh CCs CCN+ finished, summer 2014
Community Council Location Finder a searchable map of all Scottish Community Councils Improvement Service finished, spring 2014

My version is archived here, and the current version created by the Improvement Service is here.

2014 survey of community council internet presences How well do CCs use the internet to engage with citizens?

What are the lessons and consequences from the findings?

Edinburgh Napier University finished, spring 2014
2012 survey of community council internet presences duplicate! Self-funded finished, summer 2012
Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management around CC digital engagement 2-year main research project, to extend CCN+ seed-project and other relevant previous work TBC funding application in progress, TBC
Writing paper(s) based on my MSc dissertation, to further updates of technology models to report on local aspects of CC digital engagement TBC to start, TBC
Visualisation of hyperlocal data to extend Community Council Location Finder TBC to start, TBC
2017(?) survey of CC online presences to build on 2012 and 2014 surveys TBC to start, TBC
Digital Proxies Who guards vulnerable peoples’ digital presences TBC idea crystallised, TBC