My current work-themes – and my wishlist

Partly so I can get it clear in my own head, here are the themes I’m currently working on, and the other work I’d also like to do if I ever get the chance!

Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management around CC digital engagement 1st draft of funding application written. Peter Cruickshank is creating the core of the second draft. Thank you Peter! Thanks also to Hazel Hall for valuable input to this process.
DREaM impact study
– investigating the outcomes of DREaM
This project would have ended in July, but we found opportunities to run more focus groups after the official end-date, so data-gathering didn’t finish until the middle of September.

I’ve completed V1 of the project report. This is now with Hazel and Peter to decide how to turn it into publications. We also have a literature review publication on the middle-burner.

I learn a lot from this project:

  • more on how to combine projects
  • use of NoviSurvey
  • manipulating NoviSurvey results in Excel. I can’t tell you how much I’d have like to do the cross-tabulation parts in a proper package such as SPSS.
  • working with qualitative data, i.e. material from focus groups
digiCC workshops I’m running four of these around Scotland in October and November, and also contributing to similar events in Stirling and Edinburgh.

The first is this Friday, in Ayr. I’m finishing the materials for delegates and facilitators today and tomorrow.

The aim is to simulate networking and sharing of ideas and experiences around digital engagement for Community Councillors, to measure what’s happening now. This will help baseline the CoP and KM project above.

Peter Cruickshank is PI for this work, contributing inter alia sanity, budget control, literature reviews and data analysis.

Workforce mapping This project, which has been running for over a year, is tantalisingly nearly finished. There is a little more content to be created for the final report, then I need to ensure this is added and formatted well. My benefits from this project are learning about NoviSurvey, rehearsing my rusty project management skills, opportunities to use and demonstrate my publishing skills, and to carry on working in the Centre for Social Informatics
Visualisation of hyperlocal data It would be great to build on the map of CCs I created for the Community Councils website. There’s a proof of concept here.
2016 survey of CC online presences Earlier surveys were in 2012 and 2014, so one is due in 2016. I won’t be here, but perhaps an intern or honours student can step in if I leave sufficient instructions
Digital proxies At the concept stage

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