DREaM again!

LIS DREaM banner photoshop again V2

As Hazel Hall has blogged, I’m working with her on a follow-up study that investigates any longer-term impact of DREaM, and the forms that such impact (if it exists) has taken.

Most of my time on this project so far has been spent on making an online survey, using Napier’s instance of NoviSurvey. This system is used because data will be securely stored on Napier’s servers, thus helping to protect respondents’ anonymity. There are at least two good reasons for that: firstly, it’s simply right to protect research subjects; secondly, by promising to do so, subjects are more likely to respond.

I’m glad of my previous experience with Novi from the Workforce Mapping Project – there Dr Tao Chen of Napier’s Employment Research Institute created the draft survey. Making changes from piloting and proofreading educated me a lot. I’m also grateful to Tao for lessons on extracting results from Novi.

I’m looking forward to watching the results come in, and then the analysis and write-up stages. In the meantime, I have plenty of literature work to do towards papers on the impact of LIS research, and on at least one paper from my own MSc dissertation. Time to stop writing this and get on with it!


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