Scintillating in São Paulo

Thursday 2019_01_04 and Friday 2019_01_05: Travel

depart at (UK time) arrive at (UK time) mode
home 3pm Edinburgh airport 15:30 taxi
Edinburgh 18:00 supposedly Frankfurt 19:55 supposedly flight LH965
Frankfurt 21:05 Rio de Janeiro 08:50 flight LH500
Rio de Janeiro 11:20 São Paulo 12:30 flight LH3528
São Paulo 3pm Ibis Styles Faria Lima I forget! Renato’s car

So here we are in São Paulo, after little sleep, some wondering about and far too much walking from gate to gate, only just making the second and third flights. I’ve not had anything like enough sleep, which is predictable, but have already seen some fab things.

First was the very welcome sight of Professor Renato, who had come to the airport to greet us and take us to the hotel.

Next, I got a tweet from an old friend. Her husband just happens to be in São Paulo this weekend. If we can meet up great. If not, we’ll do so back in Scotland very soon.

Then wonderful Wegene found a vegetarian restaurant called Prema (Facebook) only a few minutes stagger from the hotel. It’s a Hindu establishment (going by the artwork) offering a wonderful varied eat-until-you-explode buffet. The dishI liked the most was labelled ‘banana stew’ – I think it was a very lightly spiced banana korma (hopefully made with soya milk – I didn’t know how to ask), but there was also a rich earthy stew of soya mince with vegetables, gnocchi is a lightly spiced tomato sauce and many other good things, all inhaled with lashings of ginger beer brown rice. The rice grains were very short and plump, reminiscent of arborio but slightly more chewy.

We then went on a search for bottled water (for both of us) and breakfast provisions for me. (I’ve not booked hotel breakfast because I don’t trust that to be anywhere near vegan.) There’s a lot of street-life, a higher proportion than the UK of smokers, quite a few people crashed out in blankets and rags in doorways, and it’s OK to wear shorts, so I am. I’ll break out the lunch next weekend.

That’s enough drivel for now – need to upload photos and sleep.

Our plane was steaming! (movie) We have a bike-themed hotel!
a hefflump in Prema another hefflump in Prema
an old Jaguar just outside Prema provisions: Australian rye bread!

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