Scintillating in São Paulo (update)

A few hours of horizontality makes a lot of difference! Wegene has had some interesting ideas, so my work for tomorrow is cut out: reading the book and indulging in powerpoint.

We’ve just strolled up the main drag (Av. Brig. Faria Lima, named after José Vicente Faria Lima) through clouds of interesting aromas to a pub/fast-food joint where I topped up with a vegetarian (probably not vegan – I didn’t think to ask for no milk products) hamburger, while Wegene was on the receiving end of a huge sandwich called a Beirute (if I recall correctly). Think of a Figlmüller Wienerschnitzel, but with flatbread instead of breadcrumbs, and accompanied with many other toppings and chips.

There was also beer. We confused the waitress by trying to order two beers – it may be that the bottles (around a pint) are meant to be shared. See also the small glasses.



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