Stuttering in São Paulo

Tuesday 2019_01_22

Another day slaving over a hot laptop.

I’m blogging early today because I need an early night. Today has been spent on

  • translating research materials into Portuguese, to minimise the time interviews and focus groups might take. (Big thanks to Hugo for help here!)
  • finishing some marking, and Skyping with the colleague who runs the module
  • making more meeting arrangements. The great news is that I will have a meeting on Thursday afternoon where I **should** be able to gather data.
    • Other arranged meetings are with
      1. a relevant civil society organisation (tomorrow morning, in person)
      2. academics who are interested in this research (tomorrow afternoon, in person)
      3. a former leader of PB in a different city (time/date TBC – we had arranged to Skype on Thursday afternoon but this now clashes with the potential data-gathering meeting.
  • a very quick bit of LeithChooses work. (The deadline for applications was yesterday, so received applications are now being processed .)

That’s about all the news that’s fit to print from today, except to say that there was another rainstorm earlier this afternoon. The first crack of lighting was so sudden and loud that I nearly jumped out of my skin!

This movie is from the tail-end of the storm, when it was safe to go outside.



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