RIVAL event 1: Thursday 11 June #lisrival

We had a lot of fun at RIVAL event 1! This event, and three following events in November 2019, March 2020 and July 2020, aim to seed a collaborative network of Scotland-based Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers and practising library and information professionals interested in maximising the impact and value of library and information science research.

For anyone who couldn’t make it, the movies and photos hopefully give some of the flavour of the day.

Before 11 June

photo of the Horizon Suite, at Napier's Sighthill campus

The venue (the Horizon Suite, at Napier’s Sighthill campus), prior to setting up. Thanks to our facilities colleagues!

photo of box of RIVAL name-badges

Name-badges are ready!

photo of view from Horizon Suite at Sighthill campus

Hello world!


photo of Duncan (Napier IT Services)

Setting up, with lots of help from Duncan (Napier IT Services)

10:30‑10:45 Introduction: Professor Hazel Hall (Edinburgh Napier University)
[Slides available on Slideshare]  [video]

photo of Hazel Hall demonstrating the spotty bag in which nice things were kept

Hazel demonstrates the spotty bag.

photo of people lsitening to a presentation at RIVAL


10:45‑11:30 Keynote: ‘Getting research into action: issues, challenges, solutions’
Dr Sarah Morton (Matter of Focus).
[Slides available on Slideshare] [video]
11:30‑12:00 Ice-breaker: an opportunity to meet others interested in membership of the RIVAL network
[No video of the actual meeting and chatting but here is video of Jonathan Rankin of Edinburgh University explaining how Kash Kups works.]
12:00‑12:30 Unconference half-hour introduction: group activity chaired by members of the RIVAL project board. [We didn’t video this.]
13:45‑14:15 Presentation: ‘Scotland’s school library strategy: advocacy and impact’
Martina McChrystal, Chair of the National School Library Strategy Advisory Group[Slides available on Slideshare] [video]
14:15‑15:00 Unconference half-hour delivery: short presentations in plenary following on from the morning’s group activity

[We intended to video these presentations but my GoPro failed. Here are photos of the flipcharts drawn up by RIVAL-people.]

15:15‑16:00 Review of round table discussions plenary: presentation by Professor Hazel Hall followed by panel discussion

[presentation slides available on Slideshare] [video of presentation] [video of panel discussion]

I’m really looking forward to meeting RIVAL-people old and new at events 2, 3 and 4!


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