2014_02_11: to do list

Peter: CC location finder
Edit Bruce’s draft IIDI item, then tweet it IN PROGRESS RIGHT NOW
Sort permissions on cngn.co.uk (MAY NOT BE NECESSARY – the webserver bit works)
Bruce: CC location finder
Retweet PAC’s tweet
Get task trackers up to date. DO THIS EVERY DAY! DONE
Update MoSCoW list for CC location finder (include bounds to pan/scroll and search) DONE
Refactor code using array for list of LAs (not 32 repeated lumps of code)
Next most important task: limiting pan/scroll and search
White background for site
Find a way of batchconverting postcodes to LatLong
Testrun it on 2011 data
Bruce: CeDEM and CC website survey
Draft tasklist for CeDEM paper revisions. Concentrate on stuff that would help survey project
Bruce: funding
Implement PAC thoughts (does Aims bit include appropriate words, dewhiteman text)
Get Hazel advice on language
Get Hakanpaa, Nina N.Hakanpaa@napier.ac.uk advice on costs
Bruce: Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy
Respond I will make it, PAC would like to come but has teaching commitments
Set date with Peter for discussion of what we might say

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