Slumping in São Paulo

I didn’t get to sleep until 5am, so I slept until after mid-day.

This afternoon I

  • refined my interview and focus-group questions.
  • emailed the coordinator of São Paulo’s participative councils to answer some questions he asked.
  • emailed my Leith Chooses colleagues and the Scottish Government official to ask them other questions posed by the coordinator.
  • refined the lessons I think Scotland can learn from Brazilian PB.
  • finished some marking.

The marking led to some puzzlement. About 20% of the students didn’t include in their courseworks some things they were clearly told to include. Another 50% tried but didn’t do these things very well. The latter is understandable, but the former isn’t. Can any experienced academics out there tell me why on earth so many students just throw away marks?

Of course, I was far from perfect when I was a student, and I’m not a perfect academic.


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