2014_02_05 Progress

I can’t remember much of last week. My diary tells me I was occupied every weekday evening. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings were at gyms, with a brief visit to a social media surgery before Thursday evening’s gym session. Tuesday and Friday evenings were spent helping a community council set up its new WordPress blog.

I know I spent Thursday and Friday creating management tools for the two community council projects. This also took up some of Monday (3rd). Tuesday saw a very brief planning meeting, then I jumped on a train to Glasgow to meet the ever-delightful Heather Burns, then go to Ofcom’s Digital Participation round table, then come back from Glasgow to help the CC with its website again. (There isn’t any real problem with it – it’s a standard WordPress.com website but linked to a .co.uk domain. I haven’t yet set up email addresses using the domain – I suspect that might be a headache.)

Today I’ve sent data to the visualisation client so they can verify it. (The data is from 2011-12 and so is out of date – the client’s contacts should clean it up so the project’s website accurately portrays where things are.)

The latest version of the code shows I can display a polygon based on a geoJSON file (tutorial).

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 18.22.07

I also know I can obtain open shapefiles for LAs from the Ordnance Survey. The intervening step is to convert shapefiles to geoJon. Supposedly GDAL does that but I’ve not yet persuaded my mac to run it. Following this tutorial may help – but that’s for tomorrow!


This tutorial shows how to actually use geoJSON files!


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