Fairer Scotland event for Community Councils 5: helping CCs create a fairer Scotland

Workshop 2 – What do you think needs to be done to help community councils create a fairer Scotland?

Here’s my table’s answers:


Again, I think that proper representation of their communities is necessary for CCs to earn the respect Mr McAteer mentioned. (I realise that is is a chicken-and-egg issue.) Also resources and training, appropriate to whatever CCs, do are needed. Induction packs, consistent across Scotland, would maybe also help. Further training must be on-going, as CC members hand over duties to their successors.

Other delegates mentioned that LAs use delegated powers to make decisions without even informing CCs. If so, that’s a bad move. While LA staff may well be experts in planning, road-construction etc, they display no expertise in handling people if they effectively say ‘we know best, have this and like it!’


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