Fairer Scotland event for Community Councils 8: Dotmocracy

Break-out and vote on suggestions: Dotmocracy

Each table’s top idea from each workshop was written out on big sheets. Every delegate could then vote for one or two suggestions from each workshop. For example, if I really liked ‘make CCs more inclusive’ from workshop 1, I could give it two sticky dots (votes). If I liked ‘make CCs more inclusive’ and ‘give CCs power to control dog-fouling’ equally from workshop 1, I could give them each one dot/vote.

Here’s photos of the ideas. (Click the images to open full-size versions in new tabs or windows.)

Workshop 1 – What are the issues that matter most to you as a community councillor?

1.1 1.2


Workshop 2 – What do you think needs to be done to help community councils create a fairer Scotland?

2.1 2.2


Workshop 3 – How can your community council play a role in helping to shape Scotland’s future?

3.1 3.2

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