Storage becomes /dev/null

A terabyte HD in my main Mac (‘IGGY’) has died, so now the Mac has only four storage devices. Fortunately it’s no threat to my data – this HD was used until a few months ago for TimeMachine backups of this mac but now all the Macs here do TimeMachine backups to a very new 2TB TimeCapsule.* The TM sparsebundles were copied to the new TimeCapsule so we’ve not lost any backup history.  Continue reading

Celebrating SysAdmins

In a former career track, I was a effectively the (completely self-taught*) SysAdmin for a small publishing company. As well as doing a lot of layout, some illustration, proofreading, print-buying, free-lancer-running and management of small in-house teams, I commissioned, installed and maintained the mostly Mac-based systems and printers.

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