One of my friends’ duties include setting up electronic billing for her employer. She recently told me

I am creating a new payment file (as European standards are changing) for the equivalent of BACS, and am somewhat upset to discover they won’t accept supplier names with accents in – which for a European bank, strikes me as remarkably inconsiderate.

I enquired further and she replied

The reply I got back from the bank included the line ‘In characterset UTF-8 special characters like Ö, & , é… are not declared.‘ See page 7 of  http://www.febelfin.be/sites/default/files/vademecum/Standard-XML-SDD-Initiation-v20b-EN.pdf.

While that page indeed does not have accented characters and Latin-1 is just ASCII (no accents), UTF-8 does include accented characters. It’s a way of representing every character in Unicode!