Memories of #AECIST20

I recently attended an European chapter of ASIS&T Information Science Trends online conference This year it focussed on health information hehaviour. The following are my digitally-assisted memories of #AECIST20, i.e. adaptations of my live-tweets from the event. As ever, this report is mostly to help me sort what I need to do from what I want to do after being stimulated by many fascinating presentations. Any mistakes or misrepresentations in the below are of course my mistakes.

Where possible, peoples’ names are hyperlinks to Twitter profiles or ORCID records, and presentation-titles are links to their abstracts on ZenodoClick any images to see the full-size versions. My asides, made during the conference and as I wrote this piece are in green italics. Sheila Webber has also blogged about the event: Monday part 1Monday part 2TuesdayWednesday part 1Wednesday part 2.


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